Alchemy Software

Alchemy Software

Alchemy creates open document databases to manage the diversity of document and data formats, providing a variety of options for data capture, indexing, storage and archival management.

Alchemy also provides a powerful search engine and client software for viewing, compiling, and routing of strategic information throughout a business. Documents are maintained in their original file formats that may include scanned documents, ERM/COLD files, CAD files, Web pages, text documents, e-mail and more. The software is easy to install and use, requiring no database management skills, no programming, and no client-server expertise. The system is Windows and Web compatible. Alchemy also has powerful programmable interfaces for integration with other business applications.

With an Alchemy solution, you can integrate and organise hundreds of different information formats including computer reports, electronic documents and paper-based records, and provide open access to them for everyone in your business via Internet technologies, LAN/WAN, Intranet or portable media such as CD and DVD.

Alchemy Search is the full-featured Windows client used for read-only access to the document databases created with Alchemy Build. Each database can have one to hundreds of simultaneous users. Access to databases means the end user can query by full-text or data fields, view a hit list, view the contents of a document or data record, and print, fax, e-mail the document. Accessing databases using a Web browser is simple, through the optional Alchemy Web Server.

Additional Alchemy modules include Scan for document scanning, DataGrabber for electronic data extraction (ASCII text), CAD for the importation of AutoCAD drawings, Exchange Archiver for email capture and a workflow solution.

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