Datatron Turns 25

Datatron turns 25

Twenty-five is a great age to be. So, to mark the occasion, we’d like to share a bit of our history, explore what we’ve learned, and consider what’s kept us going for all these years.

If we were a person, we’d be out of university, and now getting to grips with a thrilling career.

As a business, it’s maybe even more exciting when you consider that only 25 percent of businesses last for 15 years or more!

A very brief history of Datatron

We’ll spare you all the long details, but here’s a quick history of Datatron.

1996: Datatron was incorporated. Our founder and managing director, David Popay, saw an alternative to microfilming as a long term secure archiving method. The original Datatron offering was to scan and send content (on CD-ROM) to clients.

1999: a crucial turning point. At this time, a tender came out for the Microfilming of NHS Records. We instead presented them with a new option of Digital Imaging which was well received. Next followed a successful 12-month pilot, and we’ve worked together with them ever since!

2005: another big milestone. We became one of the first private companies in the UK to use the IBML Image Track 3. With its open-track technology, this increased the productivity of our services by ten times. This empowered us to become competitive on price. As a result, 2005 was a big (and successful) year for us.

2006: a new home. This year, we moved into our current premises. Check out our shiny offices here, (and get in touch if you want).

2008: out of recession comes opportunity. As the public sector significantly cut their spending they contacted Datatron for a low revenue alternative to the large scanning projects that needed to the shelved. This opportunity saw the creation of our digital at point of access service VRM.

2015: exciting partnerships. This year, we became 'Therefore' System Professional Partners. This gave us the opportunity to develop process automation for our clients with one of the best document management systems on the market.

2019: updating technology, again. In 2019, we purchased the latest model of the IBML Image Tracker scanner, as well as a fleet of the new Opex Falcon scanners. These are two more examples of our commitment to innovation and technology investments.

2020: the pandemic and rapid adoption. During this time, in the NHS, increasing demand for clinical space accelerated digitisation projects. Our longstanding relationship with Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust gave us the experience to rise to the challenge.

2021: the future is bright. Due to our work with the Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust, we recently qualified as a finalist in the Lloyds Business Enabler of the Year Awards. We are over the moon to be nominated and know that this is a sign of good things to come.

What’s stayed the same through the years?

Let's look at a selection of stalwarts that have remained the same at Datatron. It’s a list of what we’re proud and appreciative of.

  • A long working partnership with the NHS.
  • Excellent customer retention (with some clients that have been here for decades).
  • With no outside investment, we’ve bootstrapped ourselves to where we are today.
  • Ongoing adherence to many quality and security accreditations.

However, there’s something that stands out even more.

What’s kept us going all these years?

Everyone (and every business) has their strengths and talents, right?

Well, spurred on by our turning 25 we thought we’d reflect on what’s empowered us to get as far as we have. The answer?

Our drive to innovate hasn’t slowed.

Whilst other companies struggle with technological change, we pro-actively evolve with the times. Whether it’s adopting cutting edge scanning technology or creating software to enhance our clients business, we always have the appetite to innovate.

So, if your business could do with a partner committed to staying ahead of the curve, (or if you'd just like to wish us a happy birthday), please get in touch today.

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