At Datatron, we provide solutions for multiple department types solving every data scanning and storage problem.

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  • Engineering Departments

    Engineering Departments

    With the technology to digitise your aperture cards and old drawings, the possibilities to preserve your engineering archives are endless, providing you with better quality data to suit your needs.

  • Finance Departments

    Finance Departments

    Having to keep financial data for at least 7 years can take up a lot of shelf space in the office. Because of the long duration, this may result in pages going missing as they are pulled out and not replaced properly. Invoice processing can minimise both storage and missing data implications.

  • Healthcare Sector

    Healthcare Sector

    Datatron are one of the UK’s leading Medical Records scanning specialists. We have been processing these very sensitive records since 1999 for many Trusts up and down the UK, using scanning techniques compatible with a wide range of health software.

  • HR Departments

    HR Departments

    Having your records digitally scanned by Datatron ensures your information complies to BS10008 enabling you to do away with the headache of managing large HR archives for indefinite periods.

  • Planning Departments

    Planning Departments

    With the ability to provide images compatible with your planning portals our services can bring together documents from all related departments.

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