For many customers, re-archiving microfilm data into electronic files may seem like a waste of resources, but in some cases, the benefit can often outweigh the cost. If you find you access your microfilm archive frequently, or maybe don’t hold backup copies, then converting your microfilm can provide the answer.

We are able to digitise 16 and 35mm roll, Microfiche and Aperture Card giving crisp sharp results for you to access and organise on your desktop. Other benefits to digitising your microfilm can be found with having your old aperture cards scanned, being able to access a drawing on your PC can provide many benefits, old drawings can be updated, vectored or traced using your modern CAD package.

Even if you just require a scan on demand service, instead of producing more poor quality prints from the old microfilm reader in the office, simply send them to us and we will provide you with an easy to use, well presented PDF.

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