All of your invoices. None of the typing.

Wave goodbye to the hours you used to spend rekeying invoice data into spreadsheets. Our AI-driven service manages your data extraction, standardisation and templating. All you need to do is drop us your files.

We understand how time-consuming and inefficient manual invoice processing can be. That’s why we’re streamlining the process for good.

Datatron’s Automated Invoice Processing service is very simple:

  1. Let us know your typical invoice volume and the output format needed.
  2. Drag and drop your files into our powerful AIP portal.
  3. Receive your metadata, formatted for your finance system.
  4. Store the indexed images with us to meet HMRC retention compliance.

It’s a fixed-price, pay-per-invoice model. There’s no capital investment or hidden fees. Simply pay for the number of invoices you’d like us to process. We handle the rest.

How our AIP service works

Once we have your files, we pass them on to our powerful optical character recognition technology. This allows us to extract essential metadata from your invoices, such as supplier details, monitory values, dates and line items. We then return it in a normalised format. The process is accurate, efficient, and saves your finance department the hassle of typing data manually.

We can also safely store your digital invoices for you in our secure cloud records management system. This aids your HRMC compliance and simplifies your auditing processes. You can access these files on a read-only basis.

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