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What is digital transformation?

The tools of digital transformation


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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation converts information into a computer-readable format to digitally automate and execute business processes. It involves adopting digital tools that remove physical constraints to business operations while increasing security, transparency and productivity.

Digital transformation forges new business models from digital processes that can deliver better customer outcomes and promote a culture of efficiency.

Why a Digital Transformation Strategy is Important

By digitally transforming your processes, they scale independently of infrastructure and personnel. This suppleness allows you to elastically adjust your costs with your demand. You get the benefits of scale, without spending on physical growth.

Digital transformation yields enhanced visibility via reporting and recording metadata, ensuring impactful and measurable progress towards key business goals.


What are the Tools of Digital Transformation?

Production Scanning

The first stage of Digital Transformation is Digitisation.

At Datatron, we utilise high-capacity, high-quality imaging machines to transform documents into data that powers automated workflows and business processes.

We help you design purpose-driven production scanning paths that align digitisation efforts with broader business objectives, embracing a future where information is agile, accessible, and a key growth driver.

Find out more about the Power of Production Scanning in our in depth guide - Bulk and Beyond: The Power of Production Document Scanning

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Modern Records Management

Records management involves storing, organising, and preserving business documents. Effective records management allows archived data to be recalled and used seamlessly in ongoing business operations.

Digital records management uses digitisation to enrich physical records with metadata to improve search efficiency. The embedding of metadata retains the context, origin, and authenticity of a record.

Hybrid solutions yield the best of both worlds, empowering businesses to manage large-scale digital transformation projects cost effectively.

Find out more about modern records management solutions here - Modern Records Management: The Future is Hybrid


Electronic Document Management Systems - EDMS

Electronic document management systems (EDMS) are software for hosting document libraries. EDMS centralise access, track actions, and power automated workflows. They also form the foundation of digital transformation and intelligent document processing (IDP).

EDMS are used to gain a productive edge through improving outcomes through collaboration, communication and customer service, increasing the pace of business cycles and generating a fast return on investment.

Get to know everything EDMS by exploring our in-depth guide - What are Electronic Document Management Systems  

We've also highlighted some blogs below that might help with your curiosity.



Eforms, e forms, eForms, e-forms... digital documents that simplify data collection, generate real-time reports, and power workflow. They transform paper processes into digital workflows, interface with automation, and reduce friction in communication.

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Or find out more about our processes by taking a dive into our blog content on eforms.

Automated Invoice Processing - AIP

Automated invoice processing introduces Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to enable Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for finance departments, removing the need for manual intervention.

Invoices are processed automatically, and seamlessly moved through workflows - data is extracted and transferred into your financial system, ready for payment.

We've complied everything to get you started automating your invoice process - Automated invoice processing - the A-Z of AIP

If you want to get to know what makes Datatron AIP unique, you can visit our blog.

Digital Mailroom

Digital or virtual mailroom services transform inbound paperwork into information that can be securely shared throughout your organisation. The system operates by centralising physical mail delivery for digital redistribution.  

The digital mailroom seamlessly merges inbound mail and email to empower decision making and improve customer outcomes, while removing delivery constraints in hybrid work environments.

We have put together all things virtual mailrooms in our guide - Digital mailrooms - from letterbox to inbox

You can get to know the Datatron Virtual Mailroom Service by visiting our blog.


Healthcare Digital Transformation 

From compassionately transforming pregnancy risk assessments, to developing and installing a digital HR system that can that can handle the security and performance challenges of healthcare - Datatron has been delivering digital transformation across the sector for over 25 years.


HR Digital Transformation

At Datatron we specialise in delivering secure and compliant HR solutions, converting large legacy archives, and formalising a systems that can apply restrictions over complex and dynamic hierarchies of staff.

We have put together a guide on how to design an effective HR information management system and how to choose a right partner that recognises and cares about the nuances of your needs - HR Information Management Systems - Your Compliance CoPilot

Alternatively, how about an in-depth look at some of the solutions we've already provided. 


Jargon busters

What is Document Control?

Document control can mean the difference between disaster and inconvenience.

It ensures that the information you use is current and accounted for by outlining consistent and repeatable procedures that cover: creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, and disposal.

Find out more by diving into our comprehensive guide - Document Control - The Difference Between Disaster and Inconvenience


What is an Audit Trail?

Audit trails are a transparency, accountability, and risk management tool, that preserving the authenticity and trustworthiness of records. 

Who has accessed information? How did they use it? When did this happen? 

By tracking access and alterations, audit trials ensure compliance, maintain data integrity, enhance security, resolve disputes, and drive continuous improvement.

Find out more by checking out our in depth page - Chasing Audit Trails: What is an Audit Trail?