Document Storage and scanning solutions

Store and Scan: Hybrid Solutions for Records Management

As information accumulates, the necessity for functional storage becomes increasingly evident. 

A robust information management strategy is the foundation of informed decision-making for organisations of all sizes. For this, offsite document storage emerges as a valuable short-term solution for archives and less active records. 

Advantages of Offsite Document Storage:

  • Free production space
  • Managing costs 
  • improving retention and security

Taking this to the next level, systematic digitisation of archived documents breathes new life into legacy records, offering long-term functionality, security, and activation in daily operations.

By leveraging Production Scanning, record archives can seamlessly integrate into your live workflows, ensuring a harmonious and efficient operation.

Benefits of Integrated Document Storage and Scanning

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The synergy between document storage and scanning ensures that documents are easily accessible, powering fast decision-making, audit, and collaboration.

  • Space Optimisation: Offsite document storage immediately yields more room.

  • Secure Archival: Controlled environments preserve integrity, while access controls protect sensitive information.

  • Disaster Recovery: Digital copies remain accessible even if the originals are compromised.

  • Cost Efficiency: Scanning progressively reduces reliance on physical storage, minimising infrastructure costs. Digital access improves efficiency and leads to substantial savings over time.

  • Compliance: Integrated solutions facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements, providing organised, easily accessible records.

  • Audit Trail: Scanned documents can be indexed and tagged with relevant metadata and compliance information, making reporting more efficient.

Bridging the Gap: Innovative Solutions for Document Storage and Archival

  • Archive Digitisation:  A well-structured, cost-efficient scanning schedule promptly integrates records with a digital system, maintaining an up-to-date and comprehensive digital archive. This approach lays the foundation for seamless integration with future technologies and techniques.

  • Metadata Enrichment: Tagging documents with relevant information makes them searchable, enhancing long-term value. 

  • EDMS: Electronic Document Management Systems facilitates digital document organisation, archival, version control, and collaboration. Cloud platforms offer scalable and secure document storage, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Forever Archive

By leveraging innovative solutions, organisations can transition from conventional record-keeping to digital, secure, and easily accessible systems. 

An integrated document storage and scanning solution bridges the physical and digital gap and future-proofs their archives.

Whether it's about preserving historical records, collaborating on projects, or adhering to regulatory demands, integrated solutions provide the toolkit for a successful document management journey.

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