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The benefits of integrating ISO compliance into your records management

If you want to ensure the proper management and compliance of your records, all while improving efficiency, ISO standards are crucial. This is true for all industries, though it's paramount for sectors that handle more sensitive datasets, such as finance or healthcare. For example, if you're a healthcare centreISO standard 27001 will help secure your patient data and allow your employees to perform their day-to-day duties confidently.

This blog explores the benefits of integrating ISO compliance into your records management processes.

The benefits of being ISO compliant

ISO compliance is vital to operating as an ethical business in the UK. Although not required by law, these standards highlight your trustworthiness and show you take regulations seriously.

ISO standards are a common indicator across industries, and can mean the difference between growth and decline for your business. Here are a few other benefits of being ISO-compliant.


Better information security

ISO standards include requirements for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of documents. ISO 27001 is an excellent example of this. This standard lists precise requirements for effective records management, reducing your risk of penalties, fines, or other liabilities related to records management. This includes risks associated with privacy breaches, data loss, or corruption.

Compliance with ISO 27001 also means protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure. This makes sure that the right people have the correct level of access to your documents. For example, HR managers may need to see employee salary data, but low-level employees won't require access to this information.


Transparent Quality Management 

ISO9001 is a collection of management principles for quality control systems. By ensuring your business has a documented quality management system, you can deliver consistent and high-quality products and services to your customers, regardless of challenges like personnel turnover. 


Increased accountability and transparency

Following ISO standards establish clear roles and responsibilities for records management. This increases accountability and transparency, meaning if there is an information leak, you can more easily see where the problem lies and more quickly address it.

Audit trails facilitate this, allowing you to see who accessed each document and if they made any amendments or deleted any data. And, with a good document management system, you'll have access to version histories so you can see each and every iteration of your files—including any 'lost' data.


Improved customer confidence

ISO compliance improves customer confidence in your business. For example, if you're an NHS Trust undergoing an update of your records management, you'll likely contract a third-party vendor to complete this work. For patients, this poses an information security risk. Can they trust a third-party company to migrate sensitive records from one system to another?

To answer this question, your organisation can meet compliance measures ISO 27001. This provides a framework for establishing, implementing, and managing an information security management system. As part of this standard, third-party suppliers must adhere to the rules of this compliance measure. This reduces your risk of a data breach and, thus, improves customer confidence.

How Datatron helps you remain ISO compliant

ISO compliance is fundamental to improving your information security practices and reducing risk. It's also vital for increasing transparency and enhancing consumer trust. With the right document management policies and a comprehensive records management system, you can ensure compliance and adhere to records management best practices.

Let's illustrate this with another example. Imagine you're a law firm that recently faced a public data breach. You may have lost customer trust, which has impacted your business. To regain this trust, consider certifying in ISO 27001 to demonstrate your commitment to keeping client data confidential.

This is what Datatron can do for you. We help organisations uphold compliance measures, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. This assures that only the right people have access to the right information, and only when they need it.

To learn more about how Datatron can help your business comply with ISO standards in the UK, contact us today.

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