Bringing visibility to pregnancy risk assessments and machine maintenance reports

Eforms, they're not just better on paper.

At Datatron, we've been trusted to deliver digital transformation over a wide range of industries, and the process always starts the same way - finding the core of the problem.

The following examples share the same data collection problem in differing situations.

Healthcare risk assessments and daily machine maintenance aren't often mentioned in the same breath. Yet, eforms have been used to bring transparency and efficiency to healthcare and manufacturing.

So, how can one tool become a specialised solution for a spectrum of industries?

While both solutions standardise and digitally enable an internal process using customisable fields and the array of integrations that eforms allow, they also uniquely make the most of some features.

Let's take a look.

Risk assessments

Previously risk assessments were performed on paper and through conversation. Eforms standardised this process by synthesising all data collection in a workflow, facilitating the secure and traceable movement of information.

The challenges of transforming risk assessments:

  • Applying restrictions to staff with varying levels of authority
  • Centralising access to case files
  • Linking all case documents
  • Up-to-date information, visible to all who need access
  • Synergising with the existing digital HR system
Tracking transparency

Eforms are traceable through a workflow. This can be used to generate reports that give insights about holdups. It also guarantees all information is accounted for, secured, and delivered on time.


To implement a GDPR-compliant solution, restrictions need to mirror complex staff hierarchies, and who has accessed records must be recorded.

Eforms use role-based restrictions, a BS10008-compliant audit trail, and automatic retention schedules to protect sensitive data.

Daily machine maintenance 

In this example, eforms streamline the daily process with many manual actions into one instance of data entry. The manual process included the following:

  • Analogue gauge readings 
  • Calculating performance variables
  • An active working environment
  • Populating a database
  • Generating reports
Real-time reporting

Calculating and relaying information from the floor to the office to form a report is made more efficient by eforms. Eform fields automatically perform calculations and relay the values to the database. This enabled reports to be generated in real-time, powering reactive decision-making.


Accessible on any device, eforms can be taken into the production environment. This eliminates the need to relay information across the floor, where different mediums could be lost or mistranslated. 


Eforms allowed healthcare risk assessments to be completed in times sensitive to the task while providing insights and restrictions that respected confidentiality. 

The computational powers of eforms and their agility to navigate physical and digital environments synthesise machine maintenance reports into a one-step task.

Over both sectors, eforms are used to create a specialised solution. Both examples use eforms to increase the accuracy of their information and activate automation resulting in consistent outcomes. 


Eforms use category design to increase the accuracy of data collection:

  • Keyword dictionaries reduce response variations.
  • Regular expressions standardise information.
  • External databases pre-populate fields with available information.

Eforms power workflow automation by streamlining processes and removing manual intervention, making data collection more relevant, current and actionable. 

But the benefits of digital transformation aren't all quantitative. Liberating staff from unnecessary manual tasks frees time for profit-generating and creative activities, while improved communication helps build stronger internal and external relations.

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