Bulk Scanning vs. Production Scanning

Bulk Scanning vs Production Scanning: The Right Path for Digitisation

Document Scanning is the process of capturing images of physical paper documents, transforming them into digital files, and storing them electronically - also known as digitisation

When trading cabinets for cloud and ink for pixels, the standard approaches are Bulk Scanning and Production Scanning. While both methods fundamentally focus on document digitisation, they have unique features that achieve different goals. 

Bulk Scanning: Speeding Through Document Digitisation

When space is tight and time is critical, archives become hard to manage; organisations often turn to Bulk Scanning and offsite document management to restore some order.

Bulk Scanning utilises high-capacity imaging machines to convert vast amounts of physical documents into digital data.

When the goal is quickly digitising extensive archives for more efficient storage, a bulk scanning plan is what you need.

Why Bulk Scan?

  • Quickly digitise physical documents.
  • Create digital archives of historical records, old paperwork, or legacy documents.
  • Move towards a paperless office environment.
  • Easily manage compliance with long-term storage and retrieval.
  • Free physical storage space.
  • Reduce risk of loss due to damage, deterioration or misplacement.
  • Backup documents in case of disaster.

Production Scanning: Elevating Document Digitisation to a New Standard

Production scanning uses the same equipment as Bulk Scanning but includes specialised software for going beyond the transformative steps and storage. Both scanning method exercise the same accuracy and quality, yet production scanning has more distinct benefits.

Benefits of Production Scanning

Document Management

Production Scanning feeds information into Electronic Document Management Systems. Scanned documents are indexed and embedded with metadata. This approach powers advanced searching and ad-hoc grouping, saving time and improving efficiency.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology converts scanned text into searchable and editable content, allowing precise data capture, automated data entry, and full-text searches. 

AI takes OCR technology to the next level. AI derives context from content, making decision-based actions that automate workflows.

Workflow Integration

With Production Scanning, digitised documents can be used seamlessly in existing business processes. This integration streamlines records management, increases productivity, and enhances collaboration.

Compliance and Security

Advanced security measures ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Access restrictions can be applied to specific documents to meet the security needs of sensitive data. 

Production vs. Bulk

Both Bulk and Production Scanning have merits that cater to different document digitisation needs. Whether you're embarking on a large-scale digitisation project or seeking to optimise your internal processes, the choice between Bulk Scanning and Production Scanning will depend on your goals and their timeframe.



Production Scanning

Bulk Scanning

Processing Level Involves OCR, indexing, metadata addition Primarily digitises without advanced steps
Document Management Integrates with systems for organised access Less integration, focus on digitisation
Workflow Integration Seamlessly fits digitised documents into existing business flows Scans may need further processing after
Document Retrieval Facilitated by robust indexing and metadata May require additional sorting after scanning
Suitable for Document-intensive workflows, compliance Swift digitisation of large document batches
Data Capture Utilises OCR for searchable, editable text Basic digitisation, text not always searchable
Custom Indexing Tailored indexing and metadata for categorisation Limited indexing, less emphasis on metadata
Long-Term Usability Well-organised, easily retrievable digital files Bulk scans may require further organisation
Document Preservation Supports archival needs with high-quality scans Supports archival needs with high-quality scans


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