Offsite document storage that feels like it's in the room

The On-Site Illusion: Offsite Document Storage at Your Fingertips

Efficient offsite storage creates the illusion of on-site access, surpassing in-house storage, security, and compliance management.

Leveraging an offside provider's expertise, knowledge, and specialist infrastructure, you can create a document storage strategy that aligns with your core organisational goals.

Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

  • Enhanced Security: Monitored surveillance, restricted access, and environmental controls safeguard your documents from theft, unauthorised access, and natural disasters.

  • Compliance: Supplier knowledge of industry-specific regulations and the ability to react to dynamic retention requirements ensures documents are always stored under relevant laws.

  • Focus on Core Activities: You can channel the time and resources allocated to records management towards tasks that directly contribute to growth, success, and strategic initiatives.

  • Business Continuity: In the event of a disaster or unexpected business interruption, your organisation can request essential records from any location.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: You only pay for the storage you use, eliminating the need to invest in additional infrastructure when scaling, reducing cost.

That Little Bit More

By augmenting offsite document storage with digital technologies, you open a myriad of doors that amplify the benefits of offsite records management.

  • Audit Trail: Cataloguing, indexing, and document control procedures allow for the quick location, retrieval, and secure delivery of your records. The Audit Trail maintains transparency and accountability in document retrieval and management. 

  • Digital Delivery: Leverage document digitisation options to quickly retrieve and share archived documents from anywhere worldwide. Digital solutions improve the document delivery processes, making sharing important information easier when needed.

  • Scanning Schedule: By systematically digitising your archive, you ensure preservation, safeguard against physical damage or loss, and facilitate efficient access and retrieval. A well-structured scanning schedule promptly integrates records with a digital system, maintaining an up-to-date and comprehensive digital archive. This approach enhances overall records management efficiency and lays the foundation for seamless integration with future technologies and techniques.

Unlocking the Potential of Offsite Document Storage

With offsite storage, your organisation gains the peace of mind that records are safeguarded against theft, natural disasters, and environmental damage, all while allowing your team to channel their efforts towards growth and strategic initiatives.

Datatron has provided document archival and scanning solutions for over 25 years. We understand the importance of preserving your valuable information and offer the expertise, infrastructure, and technology needed to ensure success. 

Contact Datatron today to learn how our offsite document storage services can benefit your organisation. Your future begins with secure, efficient, and reliable document management.


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